• [ACESHIGH] shall commit itself and its membership to upholding UEE laws and standards, first and foremost, no matter where in the universe we may find ourselves conducting operations. The defense of 'non-aggressors' shall be a high priority. Our long-standing collective, cooperative combat discipline shall prove highly useful in these scenarios. The maintenance of a good Reputation Rating with the UEE government shall be vital in securing lucrative government contracts.
  • [ACESHIGH] shall be comprised of two primary Sectors. Military and Civilian. The General Tenents of each shall be set forth below.



Military Sector General Tenets:

  • The Uniform Chain of Command shall be strictly adhered to by the officers and members attached to any Task Group within this Sector.
  • Military members shall receive a basic salary from the Organization to facilitate On Call Status.
  • Escort and Security missions generated by the organization shall be subsidized with equipment and financing, as required.
  • Militia Task Group and Intel Task Group members shall be exempted from paying organizational taxes.

Military Task Groups:

  • MILITIA TASK GROUP: Shall comprise one master Squadron within each time zone, each having multiple specialization Groups and/or Divisions within it. This Task Group shall focus on suppressing any piracy and/or criminal activities witnessed, with overall directives supporting such endeavors. This applies to an even higher degree when protecting or escorting intra-org assets and/or missions. Mercenary and Escort activities shall be an integral part of organization policy. We shall make Capital Class ship/crew gameplay available to our membership. Electronic Warfare specialist Squadrons shall be instituted and trained within the Militia Task Group to support high-level combat operations. Elite Security Squadrons shall be formed internally and train together constantly. This training shall include Flight Combat and Ground Combat Squadrons. Our very best Combat Pilots and Star Marines shall ensure that our largest risk (potential loss) missions are conducted with a great measure of success and reward. The [ACESHIGH] Militia Task Group shall be a cornerstone of our organizational effectiveness.
  • BOUNTY HUNTING TASK GROUP: This group shall be supported fully with Security assets, on an as-needed basis. We are anticipating that these types of missions will generally be NPC generated and not massive in scope. Where additional assets are required for ‘special contracts,’ these shall be arranged by the Task Group CO. The Task Group CO shall also disseminate and oversee any organization generated bounty contracts.
  • INTEL TASK GROUP: This group shall consist of Data Running, Data Hacking, and Org Data Security Assurance specialist personnel and related assets. This group and what it does will be absolutely critical to organizational operations and profitability. Star Citizen Meta-Game success or failure will be all about who has what information, and when…
    • S & R personnel shall support ALL [ACESHIGH] Military and Civilian personnel with S & R and frontline (limited) medical services. This will be a tall order for an organization of our size, so this group will need to be well organized and highly deployable to wherever their services are needed. Privateering activities shall be at the discretion of the Task Group CO.
    • Medical units shall consist entirely of our Endeavor Hope Class Hospital Ship crews. This group shall support ALL [ACESHIGH] Military and Civilian groups with a particular focus on the Militia Task Group (their losses will be higher than that of others). This Task Group's CO shall ensure that a Hospital Ship (org spawn point) shall be within a readily accessible (but reasonably safe) distance of our largest Military Operations ongoing. The Task Group officers shall coordinate efficiently with Militia and S & R groups to ensure effectiveness. Privateering activities shall be at the discretion of the Task Group CO.


Civilian Sector General Tenets:

  • The leadership and reporting structures within this Sector shall not be as rigid as the Military.
  • Flexibility shall be pivotal in Civilian decision making.
  • Civilian leadership shall coordinate the need for Military escort and/or support in advance of larger scale mission execution.
  • Taxes shall be levied upon the Civilian Sector membership in order to maintain a properly equipped and ready status Militia.
  • Larger scale Civilian missions planned and created within the organizational job boards shall always receive first preference for Militia support.

Civilian Divisions:

  • EXPLORATION DIVISION: This group shall be quite expansive and require a great deal of coordination and logistical support. We presently have a huge set of Exploration Assets within the Organization, and plan to use them to great effect! It shall be [ACESHIGH] policy that any discoveries made by its members (Jump Points, Derelicts, Solar Systems, Asteroid Belts, Key Ore Deposits, anything of Great Value) shall be kept ‘CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY’ until such time as the leadership council decides that we have fully exploited any new assets found. When clearance is given, the affected crew and/or member(s) may do as they wish with the Intellectual Property (location coordinates) discovered. Privateering shall be at the discretion of Division leadership.
  • ADVANCED RESEARCH DIVISION: This group shall conduct scientific research supporting the entirety of the [ACESHIGH] organization. Their primary focus is to keep [ACESHIGH] at the cutting edge of science and technology. The Advanced Research Task Group shall ensure that [ACESHIGH] remains ahead of our competitors in all aspects of science and technology in Star Citizen by employing an array of scientific craft; such as MISC Endeavors with the Particle Accelerator, Telescope, and Biodome modules. The Advanced Research Task Group shall have the newest and best scientific experimentation equipment available. Discoveries made here will be disseminated to other groups, scaled up, then deployed fully to the organization. This task group should spend about 80-90% of its time performing pure research, and 10-20% of its time developing technologies based on this research. Privateering shall be at the discretion of Division leadership.
  • LOGISTICS DIVISION: This group shall consist of Cargo Loading/Unloading, Ship to Ship Cargo Transfers (consolidation), Direct Trading, Inter-Division Coordination, Refueling, Resupply, Rearming, Galactic Market Analysis and determining the best Return on Investment (ROI) strategies to maximize org profit ratios. We shall support the organizations being highly engaged in daily trade and cargo transport activities. We shall provide larger multi-crew organization owned assets and equipment, while simultaneously providing effective escort militia in direct support of our trading and logistics efforts. Privateering shall be at the discretion of Division leadership.
  • MINING DIVISION: We shall fully support ore mining and refining efforts with Security, Fueling, Repair, Logistics, and S & R groups. Large mining vessels have been acquired for the organization's use and benefit. Effective escort militia shall be provided to support our ore mining and transport efforts at all times. Bulk cargo relay of ore to be sold, stored or used internally by the Engineering Division. Logistical support shall be provided, in order to keep our critical mining operations on task, while maintaining profitability. Privateering shall be at the discretion of Division leadership.
    • The Engineering Group shall provide, maintain, enhance and install ship components to the Fleet. Upgraded component schematics will be acquired from the Advanced Research Division. Engineering teams shall operate aboard ships as maintenance and repair crews, responsible for keeping the ship and all of its components repaired and in top running condition. Engineering teams shall also operate at spaceport as a retrofitting, major repair and upgrading crew, making sure the fleet remains upgraded, repaired and at the cutting edge of technology. This Division should spend approximately 10-20% of its time working with Advanced Research Task Group researching new technologies, and 80-90% of its time applying this technology to the Fleet. The Engineering Division shall manage all Planetary Construction efforts for the organization. Privateering shall be at the discretion of Division leadership.
    • The Planetary Construction Group shall be comprised primarily of our CNOU Pioneers and their supporting fleet. This group shall focus on surveying, construction, and maintenance of organizational planetary bases of operation. Privateering shall be at the discretion of Division leadership. 
  • SALVAGE DIVISION: This Division shall support our Engineering Divisions mineral and alloy needs first, then seek salvage profiteering opportunities at will. This group shall be fully supported by our Exploration, Fueling, and Security groups as needed, to ensure optimal performance, capability, and profitability. Privateering shall be at the discretion of Division leadership.
  • MURRAY CUP RACING TEAM: We shall fully support our intra-org racing teams with Fueling, Repair, Resupply, Transport, and Engineering. This group's members will consist of our most precise and aggressive pilots! These folks are ‘Flying at Mach 10 with their hair on fire!’ We hope to be very competitive with our racing team. This shall not be a dedicated Division, but a Racing Team which gathers to participate in Murray Cup annual events.

[ACESHIGH] wants you to prosper in the Star Citizen universe. Solo (non-org generated) missions shall be available to all members. We do ask that our potential recruits and members remember that it may very well be more fun and profitable to work alongside your org-mates on council generated cooperative missions. These missions will be generated daily and be made available to all org members 24/7 via the upcoming org mobile app APIs. There will always be something neat cooking on the [ACESHIGH] job boards! 

We are seeking recruits who are agreeable to the general goals and tenets set forth above. If you are agreeable to the outlined goals, we eagerly look forward to an enduring partnership!


We feel that having a tight-knit organization working together to accomplish larger goals in the Verse will be the most profitable and fun for our membership. What we have learned so far points to Star Citizen becoming one of the most prolific team-based game clients ever created! If you feel the same and want to earn your place in the SC Universe with us, please feel free to contact us at any of the access points denoted below for more details:

  • Please apply with the JOIN US NOW button on our RSI Organization Page
  • We will also need you to register and login on this page  PLEASE use your RSI HANDLE as your Enjin ID when creating your account!
  • Once registered on Enjin, please complete the ACESHIGH Formal Application
  • Download TeamSpeak client @ teamspeak3.com – Install – Create a ‘Bookmark’ with this address – aceshigh.teamspeak3.com – Connect to ACESHIGH Server – Public Lobby Channel – A member of our leadership or a Recruiter will engage with you at this point
  • [ACESHIGH] Discord Server: https://discord.gg/mrRBBZa (Public Lobby - Text Chat)