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Squadron 42 Monthly Report: January 2019 This is a cross-post of the report that was recently sent out via the monthly Squadron 42 newsletter. We’re publishing this a second time as a Comm-Link to make it easier for the comm...
Published Feb 22, 2019
Jump Point Now Available! Attention development subscribers: the February 2019 issue of Jump Point is now available in your subscription area. You’ll take a visit to Hurston, learn about the making of the Argo SRV and celebrate S...
Published Feb 22, 2019
We sit down with Vehicle Pipeline Director John Crewe to answer your questions about the newly revealed Argo SRV. To watch Reverse the Verse LIVE each and every week, tune into http://twitch.tv/starcitizen.
Published Feb 22, 2019
In this week’s update, NPCs learn how not to run into things, 3.5 Network upgrades are discussed, and VFX shows us the latest in ice geysers and busted thrusters.
Published Feb 21, 2019
//##trace.blocked##// 2949.02.14_04:46SET To: scire_facias From: Guvnoir Subject: Sec Sweep Scire, I’m in desperate need of your expertise. Since we last crossed paths, I’ve been laying low. Was even earning an honest day’s wage u...
Published Feb 20, 2019