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Sean Tracy and Steve Bender, together again for the first time, serve up a feature on legacy armor and a new installment of Loremaker’s Guide to the Galaxy.
Published May 24, 2018
Q&A: Crusader Hercules Starlifter Following the launch of the Hercules from Crusader Industries, we took your community-voted questions to our designers to give you more information on the recently unveiled tactical starlifter. If...
Published May 24, 2018
Writer’s Note: Part one of The Knowledge of Good and Evil was published originally in Jump Point 2.9. Street make you rat, no choice i’ give. Know tha’ truth, an’ live. Tha’ first rhyme ‘m learn on Bazaar Street. Truth is, street don’...
Published May 23, 2018
Every week, designers, engineers and other developers from our five offices around the world answer backer questions submitted on SPECTRUM and voted on by YOU. This week, we address questions on navigator careers, the Death of a Spaceman...
Published May 21, 2018
Hello Citizens, Over the years, the Star Citizen community has enjoyed the opportunity to interact with CIG employees in a variety of unique ways. We’re now excited to offer a direct and organized process for creators to invite official...
Published May 21, 2018